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Double Wake SUP Surfing!


Tandem SUP Wake Surfing!

Stand Up Paddling is not only a great way to enjoy flat water lakes in a relaxing, pleasing way that also provides for a well-rounded workout. But there are many opportunities to push the envelope of the sport, making it a more extreme experience. "Boat wake surfing" is a great example. There are two ways to get started "SUP wake surfing". You can either start by towing behind the boat using a waterski rope, or more difficultly, a boat can approach from behind as the paddler paddles into the wake. The objective is to catch the outside of the wake about 10-20 feet from the back of the boat. Getting started is not an easy task and takes some practice. But once you get good at it, its an amazing amount of fun. You can literally surf forever on a seemingly endless wave. All SUP ATX boards are capable of boat wake surfing. More experienced surfers would likely prefer our 10 foot line (SR series) boards for the purpose of SUP wake surfing as they will be more maneuverable navigating boat wakes. However, our 11 and 12 foot boards would be easier to get started wake surfing as a beginner. Seen in the video above, SUP ATX president, Mike Bill, paddles into a boat wake and surfs for about 10-15 minutes (edited down to about two minutes for the video). In the video below, watch a guy/girl tandem SUP wake surfing team surfing a 12 foot paddle board. They started by being towed into the wake using a waterski rope, then releasing it after catching the wake...

SUP Wake Surfing! (aka: Stand Up Paddle Board Wake Surfing)

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