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SUP ATX: Moving SUP from Oceans to Lakes and Rivers....


SUP ATX is credited with introducing and popularizing the sport of stand up paddle surfing (SUP) in lakes and rivers throughout the United States and around the world beginning in 2008. SUP.

Convinced the interest and demand for stand up paddling is far greater in inland United States than in the coastal areas, Founder Nick Matzorkis launched SUP ATX to design, develop and manufacture stand up paddle boards designed for ocean, lake AND river usage. The result is the SUP ATX line of stand up paddle boards that have since defined and revolutionized the stand up paddle board industry worldwide, officially moving the sport from the shores of Hawaii and Malibu to lakes and rivers throughout the United States, Canada and all continents. SUP

SUP ATX began testing various board makes and shapes in the ocean in Malibu. After determining which boards would work best in lakes and rivers as well as oceans, SUP ATX began shipping various boards to friends and associates for further testing on inland lakes and rivers worldwide. This resulted in valuable feedback used in developing the SUP ATX line of stand up paddle boards and resulted in the spreading of stand up paddling in key recreational lakes and rivers throughout the central United States in 2008. SUP

It didn't take long for the sport to take off quickly in SUP ATX hometown of Austin, Texas. Together with a self-starting contingent of local Austin paddlers, not a morning goes by on Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin Texas without seeing a growing handful of stand up paddlers gliding across the lake's surface. SUP

SUP ATX has grown into the #1 Stand Up Paddle Board Maker in the World in its first year, with over 10,000 boards in production for 2010. SUP.

This is the trailer for the "SUP ATX Stand Up Paddle Journey from Malibu to Austin", executive produced by SUP ATX Founder Nick Matzorkis for The Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Road Trippin" [Californication] has been authorized as the title track.
A brief history of stand up paddling and stand up paddle boards...

Stand up paddle surfing or "SUP" is the fastest growing watersport in the world, but it wasn't always that way... The sport as we know it originated in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. The legendary Waikiki Beach Boys used early standup paddleboards, usually big long boards or tandem surfboards coupled with long canoe paddles, to keep a watchful eye over large groups of beginners bathing or learning to surf in the fabled waters off Waikiki. The large stable SUP boards boards and elongated canoe paddles used by the beach boys allowed them to move quickly through the lineup to provide instruction or in the case of emergency. As an added bonus, the high angle and comfortable standing position allowed them to keep camera equipment dry so that they could take photos to sell to tourists. To this day SUP is popularly known as "Beach Boy Surfing."

Standup paddling survived in relative obscurity until just recently. Modern day Watermen rediscovered a love for the sport while searching for a way to crosstrain for big wave surfing on flat days and the rest is history! SUP has exploded over since 2005, taking over warm coastal waters, inland lakes and rivers from Miami Beach to Malibu. The sport has taken off world wide and is truly a global phenomena. This huge growth is largely made possible by Austin, Texas based SUP ATX! SUP ATX did what none had done before, made the sport affordable for the masses by providing quality products, at used or discount pricing. Today Austin, TX based SUP ATX has become the #1 stand up paddleboard maker in the world by providing top quality hand crafted epoxy stand up paddleboards at an honest price!

SUP ATX is the #1 Stand Up Paddle Board Maker in the World, based in Austin, Texas.

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