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SUP Malibu!

SUP ATX was an idea conceived in Malibu, California in 2008. The founder of the company began paddle surfing while living on the beach in Malibu. He knew from the first time he tried it, that given the right push, the sport would take off in lakes and rivers around the world. Having a home on Lake Austin, in Austin, TX, the founder sent paddle boards to friends there and to other recreational lakes around the United States. He found that everywhere paddle boards would go, everyone loved them. Man, woman, or child, the feedback was consistent. Everyone loved stand up paddle boarding. A team was assembled with the most knowledgeable guys in the surfing industry to lead the product development, production and operations of the company. As a start up company, SUP ATX was determined to manufacture the best quality paddleboards with price points that would make the sport much more accessible to the broadest possible range of customers. The SUP ATX mission was challenging, but simple: "To popularize stand up paddle (SUP) surfing, moving the sport from surfing areas to lakes and rivers across the United States and around the world". SUP ATX became and remains the largest paddle board company.
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