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Geo Targeting

SUP ATX is the leader in all things marketing online, as well as social media (Facebook over 550,000 fans). SUP ATX is now using its marketing muscle to drive customers to your business.

How does it work?

When a customer searches for paddleboards on line, SUP ATX typically comes up first in their search. As most customers do, they click on the first entry, and the SUP ATX site appears. There in the middle of our site is a Logo of one of our dealers, closest to this customer with the words “Visit your local SUP ATX Dealer”.  This is a far cry better than waiting for a customer to find your site.


  • Valid for Rental only dealers, as well.
  • Must have SUP ATX product on hand.
  • Must be a current SUP ATX Dealer
  • Targeted Radius is 50 miles.



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