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As soon as the Paddle Board Journey arrived in Austin in 2009, SUP ATX began holding regularly scheduled free paddle board demos. Offering anyone who wanted to give stand up paddling a try, the opportunity to for free. These free SUP demos instantly became wildly successful. This is evidenced on Jan. 20, 2010. With nearly freezing temperatures, well over 100 people braved the cold and risked falling into very cold water out of their enthusiasm to try paddle boarding for the first time. Many thousands of people have attended SUP ATX's free SUP demo days. Kudos to those early adopters, who literally dove right in, in freezing cold temperatures, planting the seeds for what would soon become a city, nation and worldwide obsession. SUP Paddle Boarding. The spirit of the early adopters is captured in this video which documents early days of the SUP movement.

SUP ATX Demo Day Video - January 30, 2010

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