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Which SUP ATX is Best for You?

IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW: All SUP ATX Paddle Board models are designed to work fine for ALL Stand Up Paddlers; whether you're male or female, small or large, tall or short, young or old, a beginner or highly skilled, and whether you plan on paddling flat water or surfing waves or wakes.

With that said, SUP ATX offers a wide variety of models to give you the opportunity to choose a paddle board that will best fit your particular interests. Here are a few things to consider in choosing which SUP ATX is best for you....

- The longer and wider the paddle board, the more stable it will be in flat water ie: lakes, bays, calm water, distance paddling in the ocean, but keep in mind longer boards can be used to surf waves, as well.

- The shorter the paddle board the better it will be for surfing waves in the ocean or surfing a boat wake, but keep in mind shorter boards are fine in paddling flat water conditions, as well.

- A board with the entire top surface covered with EVA/memory foam is great for taking along children, pets and for exercise/yoga. The entire top surface of all Adventure Models are covered with EVA-Memory foam.

Please CALL US at 1-866-4-SUP-ATX (1-866-478-7289) for ASSISTANCE in determining which SUP ATX paddle board(s) are best for YOU!


Can I download an instruction manual for my Stand Up Paddle Board?

Yes. You can download the full Stand Up Paddle Board instruction manual by clicking here.


How do I install the fin on my SUP ATX stand up paddle board?

Click here to view SUP ATX fin installation instructions (in pdf format).


How do I install the vent plug on my SUP ATX stand up paddle board?


How do I attach the leash to my SUP ATX stand up paddle board?


How do I cut my SUP ATX paddle to fit my exact size?

Ideally, overall paddle length should be between 8 and 10 inches taller than the rider using it. Click here to view SUP ATX paddle cutting instructions (in pdf format).


- SUP ATX boards are suited for novices and seasoned experts

- EPS/Epoxy construction offers great durability and light weight

- SUP ATX boards are constructed of the best quality EPS foam, epoxy resin and Fiberglass available anywhere. These materials are manufactured in the United States.

- The length combined with a high volume and extra width offers a stable platform for all sizes of riders

- SUP ATX boards easily handle long-distance trips and waves

- Low rocker design from nose to tail provides speed and straight tracking when paddling on flat water

- Designed also to handle medium and light surf and rolling waves with ease

- Integrated Deck Pad offers comfortable, reliable wax-free traction

- Flat bottom design offers solid stability and high speed

- Hard rails and a narrow tail increase performance in waves

- Stability also lets you focus more on your surroundings and less on balancing during longer paddles

- Integrated center handle makes transporting your paddle board easy and simple

How SUP ATX Makes The Best Quality Boards and Paddles and Sells Them for a Fraction of the Cost Charged by Competitors for Equipment Inferior to SUP ATX...

SUP ATX President, Mike Bill and SUP ATX General Manager, Steve Mellem have 24 and 28 years experience in all aspects of the surfing industry. Their vast experiences includes managing Becker Surf, the largest chain of surf stores in Southern California, surfboard manufacturing in the United States and overseas, surfboard distribution, online surfboard retailing and surfboard shipping expertise. No one knows the surfing industry better than Mike and Steve and no other company knows how to guide the Stand Up Paddle industry into the 21st century than SUP ATX. We're honored and proud to have them head SUP ATX operations.

SUP ATX is the largest manufacturer of Stand Up Paddle Boards in the world. We sell the best fully equipped EPS/Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Boards and Carbon Fiber Paddles, hand-crafted from the highest quality materials available, at a fraction of what comparable equipment costs because SUP ATX manufactures its own equipment in high volume and sells directly to the end customer. Others selling stand up paddle boards buy from distributors who buy from wholesalers, who buy from manufacturers, etc. Equipment changing hands, sometimes several times in the process, adds significantly to the cost along the way which is passed on to end customers. This results in many sellers hawking equipment inferior to the standard set by SUP ATX at much higher prices. Several such competitors like to give the standard pitch, "you get what you pay for" in order to justify their lofty prices relative to SUP ATX pricing, but that just doesn't hold water. In fact, in this case, just the opposite is true. We make the best quality EPS/Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Boards available and sell them at a fraction of cost of others selling inferior Stand Up Paddle equipment. That's the simple reason why SUP ATX is #1 maker and seller of Stand Up Paddle boards on Earth.

More About SUP ATX Stand Up Paddle Boards:

1) SUP ATX stand paddle boards are shaped and designed for use on oceans, lakes and rivers.   SUP ATX Customers

2) SUP ATX boards are shaped by the same factory that shapes many brand name SUP boards, using same materials and standards as the $1500+ SUP boards the others offer.

3) SUP ATX SUP boards are about half the price of other comparable brand name SUP boards on the market.

4) SUP ATX is an Austin, Texas based company, founded by Nick Matzorkis inspired by his passion to introduce, popularize and make the sport of stand up paddling accessible and affordable throughout the United States and the rest of the world, beginning in Austin, Texas.


The following were our objectives in developing the SUP ATX line of stand up paddle boards, followed by how we went about achieving each of those objectives in order to realize our dream of bringing our standard-setting, industry defining stand up paddle boards to a new market in the price range envisioned.

Objective 1: Craft the Best Overall Quality SUP Board on the Market

We approached our friends at Becker Surfboards, a 35 year old (and the longest standing) southern california manufacturer of surfboards and asked them to partner with us in the design and overseeing the building of our stand up paddle boards. Enthusiastically sharing our vision for spreading SUP theoughout the world, Becker agreed to partner with us in the project. As a result, SUP ATX boards are manufactured in the same factory and by the same craftsmen that build the majority of other previously top selling SUP boards, using the same EPS/EPOXY construction processing, materials, quality and care that goes into boards selling for twice the cost of SUP ATX boards.

Objective 2: Optimize SUP ATX Board Shape for use in Waves, Lakes and Rivers

For testing and comparative purposes, we purchased 20 SUP boards from makers such as Ron House, Jerry Lopez, Naish, Becker and King. A variety of Longer boards. Shorter boards. Wide boards. Narrow boards. Thick rails. Thin rails. Steep rocker. Subtle rocker. Long fins. Short fins. Pads. No Pads. Handle. No Handle. Carbon fiber paddles. Fiberglass paddles. For a year, we rode them on the ocean in Malibu. In calm water. Choppy water. In waves. Into the wind. With the wind. With currents. Against currents. In central Texas lakes. In flat water. In lakes with wakes. In the rain. In 40 degree temperatures. In 100 degree plus temperatures with heavy humidity. Sent boards to "SUP ATX Pioneers" in other areas for further third party feedback. We took everything we learned and worked with the shapers and designers at Becker to come up with the ultimate shape for all around SUP board in all water types. We became convinced we were armed with more information than anyone had ever gathered on what would make the ultimate stand up paddle board.

Objective 3: Make Accessories Such as fins, Traction Pads, Handles and Vent Plugs Standard Equipment

We found certain board accessories to be necessities for an overall positive SUP experience from point of purchase to floating on the water, so we've included them as standard equipment on all of our SUP ATX boards. This includes a fin. A traction pad installed on the top of the board to stand more comfortably and with greater traction while riding. Handles make carrying a SUP board comfortable and easy. We wouldn't make a SUP board without one. Vent plugs solve a variety of potential problems with the core of SUP boards. All EPS/Epoxy boards should have vented plugs, particularly in areas with high temperatures and humidity. We include vented plugs as standard equipment on all of our boards.

Objective 4: Design for Ease of Portability and Storage

In addition to taking performance notes for shaping the Lakerider, we also noted and worked to resolve many of the nuanced challenges in managing and storing SUP boards when they're out of the water. SUP ATX boards come with integrated handles. If you've ever carried a SUP board, you know how important and convient handles are. We have also tested and offer a series of affordable accessories to fit your specific needs in handling your SUP board out of the water. Simple car racks. The easily attaching surfboard "mule" that allows you to pull your board on wheels or tow it behind a bicycle. Having the right combination of accessories to move and store your SUP board to meet your specific lifestyle, makes the overall experience of owning a SUP board far greater, allows you to spend more time on the water, and will result in more frequent use. We have researched and are prepared to advise and supply you with what you need to easily manage and enjoy your SUP board in AND out of the water.

Objective 5: Introduce SUP ATX Boards on the Market for Half the Price or Less of Comparable Quality SUP Boards

SUP boards are expensive because good quality boards require a lot of quality materials, skilled craftsmenship, they're expensive to transport, store, handle and deliver, and necessary accessories run up the cost. Additionally, SUP boards often change hands several times between the manufacturer and consumer, and are sold with typical retail mark-up. SUP ATX solved many of these problems with a combination of economies-of-scale, effective use of online marketing technologies, a vision to access the untapped potential SUP market in high growth pockets around the world surrounding recreational lakes and rivers, and a willingness to greatly reduce profit expectations. By developing the unique SUP ATX product line in the highest growth area of the sporting goods sector, by taking it in volume to the heart of an untapped market, by eliminating many of the middlemen and handlers traditionally invloved in the process and by developing innovative methods of getting boards directly to consumers, SUP ATX is able to drive the cost of fully equipped, delivered SUP boards down to about half or less of what comparable quality, similar size boards sell for in the marketplace.


THE SUP ATX MANTRA: "Quality, Customer Service, Value!"

Quality, not the reasonable pricing, is the most important and compelling aspect of SUP ATX Boards and Paddles. You can quickly become an expert Stand Up Paddle Board buyer by familiarizing yourself with this information...

1) SUP ATX Stand Up Paddle Boards Come Fully Equipped, including a Deck Pad, an integrated Handle, Fiberglass Fin, Leash Plug, and Automatic Air Vent. Accessorizing a board with all of these necessary features would cost hundreds of additional dollars on non-SUP ATX unequipped boards. But all these features come standard on ALL SUP ATX Boards!

- EVA Memory Foam Deck Pad provides for greatest comfort, durability and resistance to harsh elements such as sunlight and salt water.

- Integrated handle makes lifting and moving your board around easy for anyone of any size.

- Leash plug makes it easy to attach the board to your ankle, particularly for use in surfing waves to prevent the board from getting far away from you if you fall.

- Automatic air vent allows the core of the board to breathe without ever having to remove and replace the air vent. It works automatically, all the time. Many other boards come with vent plugs that require removal for them to work, which often results in losing the plug or forgetting to let the board breath which could cause damage to the board, particularly due to changing temperatures.

2) SUP ATX is the #1 maker and seller of Stand Up Paddle Boards worldwide. The SUP ATX sales/customer service staff has a combined 100 years experience in all aspects of the surfboard industry. We make more boards, sell more boards and ship more boards than anyone else and pride ourselves on our reputation for 100% customer satisfaction. We will sell you a top quality board at a reasonable price, ship it to you for FREE and do whatever is necessary to make the experience a great one from the moment you place your order, to when you receive it, to the many years of enjoyment you're bound to have on the water.

- No company has more knowledge and experience making, selling and shipping Stand Up paddle Boards worldwide than SUP ATX.

- Unsurpassed customer service

- All SUP ATX Boards are fully guaranteed. SUP ATX will do whatever is necessary sustain our 100% customer satisfaction rate!

- SUP ATX ships everything it sells for FREE within the continental United States, directly to your doorstep. We don't believe shipping costs should be a factor in buying a stand up paddle board, so we include FREE shipping with EVERYTHING we sell!

3) SUP ATX only uses U.S. made, highest quality Epoxy and Fiberglass in our boards!

Not all epoxies and fiberglass are created equal! SUP ATX only uses the best quality, most expensive epoxy manufactured in the United States by Resin Research and fiberglass manufactured by JPS. Here are several reasons why you should only buy a Stand Up Paddle Board manufactured with Resin Research epoxy and JPS Fiberglass...

- Resin Research epoxy and JPS Fiberglass are lighter.

- Resin Research epoxy and JPS Fiberglass are stronger and more durable.

- Resin Research epoxy and JPS Fiberglass are more weather resistant in cold and heat.

- Resin Research epoxy and JPS Fiberglass are clear, sustaining the beauty of your SUP ATX board for many years.

4) SUP ATX only uses EPS foam!

Not all Stand Up Paddle Board foam core is created equal! SUP ATX only uses 1.65 LB molded EPS foam core in its Stand Up Paddle Boards. Many other board makers use lesser quality, "extruded" foam core, some with using letters like "XPS" to describe it rather than "EPS", to make it seem like they're the same thing. They are not. Here are several reasons why EPS foam is substantially superior to "extruded" and other non-EPS foam cores...

- Molded EPS foam core is lighter in weight.

- Molded EPS foam core lasts longer and performs better in adverse weather conditions, in the heat and the cold.

- Molded EPS foam core is brighter and has a better appearance.

- Molded EPS foam core is highly durable, more resistant to damage and creates better strength in the board.


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